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Repair Services Tailored to Your needs

At Coast Paint & Body Shop, we provide you with a number of collision repair options when your automobile is damaged in an accident. If it is drivable, then you can bring it directly to our shop. If it is not drivable and your insurance company has a preferred repair center, then we will work with them to determine a solution for you. We offer online car service estimates to expedite turnaround time so you can get back on the road.

Speedy Online Damage Estimates

Simply take pictures of the damage and upload them to us so we can provide you with an estimate. The difference between a physical consultation and one based only on images that you send us comes down to accuracy. When you give us images from multiple angles, we will be able to provide a more precise estimate. If repairs prove too costly, then your insurance company may decided to total the car.

Stay Informed Every Step of the Way

We know that you love your car and want to know what it will cost to fix without having to wait for answers. We will give you progress reports throughout the entire repair process so you can stick to your normal routine. When we tell you how long our repairs will take, you can expect us to always keep our word. We'll let you know when parts arrive, when we visit the paint station, when we polish, and when your vehicle is ready for pickup.

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